Where and how to perform the Naga Pratishta?

First, let us know about certain things to be followed with due diligence.  What are the suitable places for performing Naga Pratishta? What prominence does the idol acquire after the installation of the  Naga idol?  Similarly, what kind of Naga idol should be installed?

When we propose to perform Naga Pratishta, it is auspicious to do the same at the most holiest and popular places, or temples which are associated with Subrahmanya Swamy. Next, it is best to perform this program at specially designated temples. The program will be done by you with your own hands under our direction at the holy and popular places specially designated in the major cities of Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada, and Srikalahasti.

After you have installed the idols, the site acquires a special place to receive daily offerings/ Naivedya. As per the requests of the devotees,  Worship/Pooja will be offered every Tuesday to the idol in the respective names and Gotras of the devotees concerned.

Next, what kind of Nagasila idol should be installed?  According to Shastras, idols in the style of coitus should not be installed. It is because Jyotish Sastra/Astrology says that it is bad to watch snakes mating and hence forbidden. Therefore such idols should not be used for Pratishtapana/installation.  Moreover, the installed idols chosen should not exceed the height of the main deity in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Sanatan Vedic astrology tells that the idols chosen should be the snake duo with their hoods facing the devotees and the same should not represent mating snakes.  

What is the procedure to be followed in the Naga Prathistapana?

Sanatana Vedic Astrology says that doing this program will ensure the unmarred getting married, the childless having their offspring, chronic patients suffering from skin ailments getting cured, the unsuccessful in jobs and business getting progress, and everyone getting fame, prestige including several riches besides avoiding all the evil effects of their bad karmas.

Similarly, Astrology says that even if one has Kuja Dosha, Kala Sarpa Dosha, Naga Dosha, Serpent Dosha, Pitru Dosha, Maatrukaadosha, or Dasha Vandhya Dosha, performing this particular program/event will ensure the most remarkable results. Therefore, ancient Vedic Astrology says that after this sacred program of Nagapratishta, those who are afflicted with all the above doshas concerning snakes will certainly be blessed by the serpents.

Under the aegis of Vedic Brahmins, Serpent worshipper Naga Pratishtapanacharya Sri Mylavarapu Naga Satyananda Sharma conducts this grand event personally performed by you according to the standards of Sastras 

The rituals include Ganapati Puja, Rakshabandhana, Mandaparadhana for Aditya, Navagrahas, etc, Serpavasanthi Kalasa Stapana, Ksheeradrivaasam, Jalaadhivaasam, Dhanyaadhivaasam,
Pushpadivaasam and Seyyadivaasam which are offered to the installed idol, followed by Homa rituals including Lakshmi Ganapati Homam, and Navagraha Subrhmanya Moola Mantra Homam, besides Yantra Pratishta and Nagasila Pratishtapana as part of Poornaahuti and Vigraha Pratistaapana, Dhyana Aavaahana Pooja for the Idol, Vedic Asheervachanam and Distribution of Teerdha Prasada.

Every Chavithi, Panchami, Shasti, Dasami, and Ekadasi are special days for the performance of the Nagapratistapana program. Likewise, every Tuesday or Sunday besides the day of Aslesha or Kruthika stars which happens once in 27 days is also auspicious. 

Sanatana Vedika Astrology says that if the participants after having a clean bath, wear silk clothes, and take part in this program with devotion and faith, then the blessings of Serpents will surely be theirs.

These sacred and exclusive programs such as Naga Pratisha, etc specially designed by Mylavarapu Naga Satyananda Sarma garu with good intentions to be carried out without any monetary motive to ensure good results for all concerned.  In other words, he charges the devotees merely for the idol’s worship material and Brahamin’s Dakshina besides Devastanam expenditure as a fee, and performs the program strictly as per the rules and norms of the Sastras supervised by the seasoned Ritwiks. Everyone should note this and avail this wonderful opportunity. Those wishing to participate in the program shall register their Gotranamas in advance. 

Special programs like Naga Pratisthas, Ashleshabali Pujas, Sarpa Sanskaram, Mokshanarayana Pujas, and other such Vedic events will be held at the major and popular places, namely, Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada, and Srikalahasti. Our phone numbers are  9030218811 and 9030218822; Our website is https://www.nagapratishta.com/

May Lord Shanmukha, the physician Deity of Vedic Vedanta grant you assurance of security and protect you forever from all the serpent doshas!  With ?our salutations to all.

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