Dharani Garbha Sambhutam Vidyutkanti Samaprabham Kumaram Shakti Hastam Tam Mangalam Pranamamyaham.

Devotees of God! Who is Kuja as per the ancient Vedic Astrologers, intellectuals, and Vedic Pandits?  According to the Vedas, Who is Mars?  At the same time, how does Kuja Dosha from among the Sun and other Navagrahas affect men and women? What kind of troubles will be faced by those having Kuja Dosha? What remedial actions should one take for the atonement/avoidance of Kuja Dosha? Let us know a few things about them. In Sanskrit,rolex replica the name Kuja means one who is born to the Earth. It is the reason why Kuja is addressed as Dharan Garbha Sambhuta too. Likewise, Planet Kuja is also called Angaraka and Mangalakaraka. Angaraka in Sanskrit means burning coal or a red-complexioned person. Kuja is considered a replica of Kartikeya.  

In the life of a human, Mars is the reason for prowess, courage, and firmness.  If the planet is Kuja or Mars is placed in any of the five houses, namely, 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th House, in the birth chart or horoscope of a person, then one is considered to have Kuja Dosha. According to Astrology, the person concerned affected by the Dosha will suffer from problems related to obstacles in the marriage followed by childbirth issues, debt problems, eye-related complaints, and other health issues. The Dosha lead to bodily ailments, namely, a rise in the percentage of body heat, quick loss of courage and steadiness, and especially self-confidence besides self-harm. People having Kuja Dosha will be quick-tempered. Those affected by this Dosha will be hasty and get angered easily. It is why the spouses will not have an adjusting nature in their married life, and due to this, they will have conflicts. Ultimately they will be without peace of mind. Thus we learned how a person gets affected in life due to the Kuja being in the wrong position of the horoscope. Astrology says that one should worship Lord Subrahmanya, the ruler of the planet Kuja, to get rid of this Dosha. Since the serpent represents Lord Subrahmanya, Serpent Consecration/installation, namely, Naga Pratishtapana should be performed as per the Naga Shastra under the direction/aegis of the Pundits for the remedy of this Dosha besides good omen, so that marriages are performed sooner to the men and women coming under this Dosha besides bearing healthy children and having progress in life like never before. In addition, there will be progress in matters of land-related properties as Kuja was born to the Earth. Astrology says that good things like the above will happen in many ways.  

And in the horoscope of men and women, Mars does well for good fortune. In this context, according to the Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra, and Lagna in which we were born, if Kuja is with Guruvu/Jupiter, one will have the good fortune of Guru-Mangala Yoga in one’s lifetime as a result of which either the man or his woman will reach great heights. Kuja will also be favorable to the men and women born in the Lagna of Karnataka and Simha/Cancer and Leo. Everyone should be aware of the following:  The whole world is in  God’s possession. God is in control of the mantras. The mantras are in control of the Brahmin. Hence every action we do under the auspices of the Brahmins chanting the Vedic mantras is said to produce good results.  I wish you to get rid of this most powerful Kuja Dosha soonest.

Namaskar to all.

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