Salutations to all!  Let us know what is Naga Dosha, Sarpa Dosha, or Sarpa Saapa as per the Jyotish Shastra concerning how these Doshas affect men and women, what kinds of troubles they would cause, and what is the right solution for all these mighty Doshas. We and our Vamsa/ clan will be affected by Sarpa Saapa, Naga Dosha, or Sarpa Dosha when we, our elders or any ancestors in this lifetime or their previous births have unthinkingly or in great haste or an emergency killed, or harmed a snake or destroyed its home, the snakepit, or witnessed its mating, or indulged in any activity that might have disturbed snakes or removed snake pits from the agricultural fields or house sites.  Due to Dosha’s ill effects, there will be no childbirths in our families. Even after consulting the doctors, the couples would be informed they had no problem of any kind. In some, even if they bear children, they would be born with physical deformities. For some affected by this Dosha, marriage would be delayed.

Likewise, every other task will meet failure at the last moment. Chronic skin diseases, unrest in the home built in the place where the snake was killed are some of the bad results of this Dosha. . But there is a wonderful and permanent solution available in the Jyotish Shastra for this Dosha. It is nothing but ‘Naga Pratishta’. How  Naga Dosha or Sarpa Saapa is avoided through Naga Pratishtapana?  According to the tenets in the Shastra, for the remedy of this Dosha,  Naga Prathistapana has to be performed during which you have to pour over the new twin nagas (i.e.the pair of serpent idols) the water used for the invocation of serpent deities, Adiseshanaga, Anantanaga, Vasukinaga, Takshakanaga, Karkotakanaga, Padmanaga, Mahapadmanaga, Sankhanaga, and Ashtamanagas. 

Jyotish Shastra says Naga Dosha Sarpa Saapa will be removed due to the above Prana Pratishta (revival), In case of mistake done by you or your family members who have killed a snake, as life can never be returned, the Jyotish Shastra has a remedy that says that if idols of twin serpents are revived by you through the Pratista service performed as per the Jyotish Shastra, you and your family would get the results of such revival of the serpents killed in the past. In the Kaliyug era, snakes are being treated as gods.   As a result of your performance of Naga Prathistapana as per Shastra with devotion at a sacred place with the help of the pundits who are well versed in Naga Shastra, the divine serpents will be pleased and bless the sufferers from Naga Dosha Sarpa  and other problems and therefore the unmarried shall get married, childless shall bear children, those in distress shall be liberated, and those suffering from long-term skin diseases shall be cured to gain good health. In addition, your elders or ancestors who would have killed snakes unknowingly and since departed shall obtain salvation, and as a result of which your whole clan will also get rid of any curses on account of your ancestors. Finally, everyone should understand one thing. However good is our horoscope, the same is a waste if the result of our Karma is not good. Karma is nothing but the life of the human being dependent on your ancestors’ charitable deeds. At the same time, not even the highly learned astrologers can tell you comprehensively, whether you have any good karma left or Doshas remained in the balance and how your life is going to be in the future. This is because we do not know effectively what our ancestors have done in the past. Hence for the good of everyone, this Naga Pratishta is essential. According to Jyotish Sastra,  good results will be accrued if the Pundits well-versed in Naga Sastra conducted Naga Pratista at a sacred place. Everyone must observe a thing in the following Mantra. “Daivadhinam Jagat Sarvam Mantradhinam tu Daivatam Te Mantraa BrahmaNadhinam Brahmano Mam Daivatam!” It means that the whole universe is under the control of God. He Himself can be controlled by the chanting of Vedic Mantras. These Mantras are under the control of Brahmanas. Thus, to obtain good results, every activity should be taken up under the aegis of Brahmins chanting  Vedic mantras.  Submitted by the grace of Sarpa Surbahmanya Swamy wishing that the powerful Naga Dosha Sarpa Dosha Sarpa Saapa will be removed for you.orologi replica